Archive | June, 2013

Obesity and the Aesthetic Industry

This week, the American Medical Association announced its decision to recognize obesity as a disease, thus requiring a range of medical interventions for treatment and prevention.  The AMA’s announcement shifts more responsibility to the medical community and how we address obesity with our patients.  Interestingly, the language from the primary resolution resulting in the new classification argued that […]

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Long-Lasting Natural Beauty with Dermal Fillers

Every day we see more medical professionals offering non-surgical procedures using dermal fillers like Artefill, Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptra and others.  New entrants into the market just validate what we’ve known for years at Germantown Aesthetics – a less invasive, non-surgical approach can and does provide a long-lasting natural result.  For those that are curious but hesitant about […]

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