The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas. July 9-12 2015

The Aesthetic Show Las Vegas

The Aesthetic Show is the single most important event of the aesthetic universe and an activity which is at the center of the American cosmetic surgery calendar. It’s participants include every relevant medical device manufacturer, injectable producer, and retail product company. Although it does have scientific educational components and hands-on training and certification activities, it is the participants that make this event so special. It is the ultimate in “big tent” events. At no other event is everybody from the aesthetic world welcomed and valued. Leading surgeons will share a glass of wine with laser technicians. Aesthetic consultants will discuss new techniques with nurses. Nurse practitioners will confer with non-surgeon physicians. PA’s will enjoy entertainment with aestheticians.

The interaction is not the only thing that makes this event the center of the aesthetic universe. “The Aesthetic Awards” separates the posers from the players. Thousands of before and after pictures are submitted for competition in several categories. Who created the best facial rejuvenation without surgery? Who was able to put multiple-modality surgical and non-surgical procedures together to make the most natural and dramatic result? Who was able to fix the worst surgical botch? Who has the best aesthetic practice in the country? Say goodbye to theory and hello to the real world! The answer to all these questions is in Las Vegas at The Aesthetic Show, July 9-12, 2015.