BHRT for Men

BHRT for Men in Memphis and Germantown

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BHRT for Men: Anti-aging in Memphis

The anti-aging movement is exploding. Men are more interested than ever in how they can maintain a healthy quality of life for longer.  Because the term “anti-aging” is difficult to define, and because studies have not indicated that any synthetic or natural drug, hormone or vitamin has prolonged life, no responsible physician should ever make an anti-aging claim.  What we can say is that multiple studies have shown an association between higher levels of natural hormones and overall health of human tissues.  The following information outlines the most important male bioidentical hormones and what is known about their effects on men’s health and men’s tissues.

Testosterone is the primary male hormone. As men age, levels commonly decline from optimal levels.  Testosterone can increase bone density, enhance energy and sex drive, decrease body fat, increase muscle strength and lower blood pressure. There is conflicting data relating to heart disease, but much of the data supports the proposition that optimal testosterone levels are protective.

DHEA has been demonstrated in clinical studies to have a beneficial effect on immune response, sex drive, metabolism and emotional stability. Its effect on the immune system and the distribution of stress hormones, as well as its power as an antioxidant, make it a popular hormone purchased at most health food stores.  High-quality pharmacist-compounded DHEA is economical and a much better choice for patients. Other health-related benefits include support of cognitive function, management of stress and protection against heart disease.  Our practice monitors levels to assure the most effective intervention.

Pregnenolone may be beneficial for age-related cognitive decline. It supports the health of the brain and spinal cord. We stress the importance of this hormone for adult “high-impact” athletes due to its potential to support repair of nervous system tissue. It is nicknamed the “mother hormone” because it is a precursor to many other hormones.

Thyroid hormone regulates temperature, metabolism and cerebral function.  Insufficient thyroid levels result in fatigue, increased cholesterol levels and increased risk of coronary artery disease. With age, thyroid hormone levels gradually decline, resulting in a decreased metabolism, which affects all cells and organs. Low thyroid function can cause low energy, loss of motivation and thinning hair and skin. We perform direct measurements on both Free T3 and T4. Free T3 is by far the more potent hormone, but Free T4 is relevant because it crosses into the central nervous system.

Melatonin has three benefits: it helps to initiate sleep, promote a higher quality of sleep (by increasing REM sleep) and it is known to be one of the most powerful antioxidant free radical neutralizers. Studies suggest that the immune system is stimulated during this level of sleep. Most over-the-counter (OTC) melatonin products are effective for 1 to 2 hours and do not help with restful sleep for the entire night. Therefore, OTC may be helpful for those with trouble initiating sleep but insufficient for those who have trouble staying asleep.