Brilliant Distinctions Program

Brilliant Distinctions allows you to earn points when you purchase Botox®, Juvéderm®, Latisse®, or SkinMedica® products through Germantown Aesthetics or any other authorized provider. These points turn into rebates that can be used on any of the same products!

How do I register?
It’s simple – just go to and follow the prompts!

How do the points get added to my account?
When you visit Germantown Aesthetics, we will apply your purchases to your Brilliant Distinctions account for you.

Do I need to bring my coupon(s) with me to redeem them?
Some patients print their coupons at home prior to their appointment, but we are happy to do so for you if you are unable to or forget. We can redeem your points and print your coupons at the time of your visit, with your permission and login information.

Do points expire?
Yes, points do expire 9 months after your original purchase.

How many points do I earn with each purchase?
The amount of points you earn depends on which product and the amount you purchase. For a complete list of eligible products and point values, click here!