Consider a CombiTuck Just In Time for Summer

If you are not familiar, a CombiTuck is an innovative procedure that combines a traditional tummy tuck with circumferential liposuction (liposuction that is performed around the entire abdomen). This unique and incredibly effective combination makes the CombiTuck perfect for beach season as well as mommy makeovers.

Radio Frequency TreatmentsThe improved procedure offers longer lasting results and shorter recovery periods than the two procedures individually. Because you are combining treatments you may also save money and of course time.

For patients that are close to their ideal body weight and have discreet pockets of fatty tissue, liposuction can be the perfect solution. However, if there is any hint of loose skin around the abdominal area, a CombiTuck™ is likely the better choice for you. We will help you determine which is best for you during your initial consultation.

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