The Facts About Breast Implant Placement

Many women consider the size and composition of their breast implants prior to visiting our office for a consultation. However, fewer women come to us sure of how they would like their breast implants placed. There are many pros and cons to the placement of breast implants either above or underneath the chest muscle. These pros and cons include:

Pros of Over the Muscle Placement:

  • Surgery is less invasive and recovery time may be faster and more comfortable.
  • More cleavage can be created and larger implants used.
  • Implants do not change in shape as the muscles are flexed during workouts, etc.
  • More natural looking results for women with naturally small breasts.

shutterstock_95449003Cons of Over the Muscle Placement:

  • A less natural appearance and visible augmentation lines in some patients.
  • Potential for stretch marks and even rippling of the skin.
  • Mammograms may be more difficult.
  • Hardening of the implant is more likely.

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