Full Lips: What You Need to Know Before Volumization

It has long since been recognized that the focus of the male or female face is the mouth and the eye area. In general, when two individuals are engaging in conversation, either of these areas will be the visual focus point. For this reason, it is common and natural that patients will request enhancements or intervention in either of these two areas.

For lips, the goal is often to achieve the proper amount of projection in a patient who has lifelong abnormal lip volume. It is very important to be conservative with volume enhancements in these patients. In other patients, establishment of substantial volume can be aesthetically pleasing and appropriate.

Here’s a great, quick video that explains Juvederm, which is the filler we use for lip treatments:

The following are the considerations that should be given for any patients undergoing lip enhancement:

  • Evaluation of the lips from the front view.
  • Assessment of the projection of the upper and lower lip from the side. One lip often protrudes less than the other – this can be easily corrected.
  • Judgments regarding the best balance of the lip volume in comparison to the face.
  • Ethnic considerations regarding the proper balance between the upper and lower lip.
  • Whether the patient is focused on shaping the lips or adding volume to them.
  • Consideration of the duration of the filler used in the lips.
  • Observation of the “framing” of the lips, including nasolabial fold (smile/laugh lines), marionette lines (frown crease), and smoker’s lines.

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Check out these before and after image shots from a former patient who received Juvederm treatments. Just look at the difference. Check out more before and after images from former patients.


04 Juvederm Before

01 Juvederm Before

03 Juvederm Before


04.1 Juvederm After

01.1 Juvederm After

03.1 Juvederm After