Latisse ®

What is the best value for you in aesthetic medicine? Latisse®! Latisse® is an aesthetic product that meets all of the criteria that goes through a person’s mind as he or she is evaluating various options:

Safety                                                                    IMG_32812
No “down time”

And the competition for this product being singled out is pretty substantial. This product has to compete against skincare, makeup, Botox and popular fillers (like Juvederm).

Having a more defined eyelash by darker, longer and fuller lashes creates a beautiful and youthful frame for the eyes.  This product addresses a major issue, particularly for women.  Latisse® works by modifying the hair growth cycle.  For about the price of a weekly cup of Starbucks coffee, a woman (or man) can have this natural long-lasting mark of beauty.

There are other uses for this product which are considered “off label”.  We would be happy to talk to you about any technique that would allow you to be more handsome or beautiful.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a reason to obtain Latisse from Germantown Aesthetics?
Actually there are two good reasons!!  First, we are such believers in Latisse®, that we give it to our patients as part of a one year younger or two year younger facial aesthetics plan.  Second, we believe that anyone who is concerned about facial aesthetics needs to talk to an expert about an immediate and long-term beauty plan. It is utterly amazing what we can do to help patients maintain their attractive face.