Look Younger and Fuller with Radiesse

With each passing year has the skin on your face begun to sag or have your cheeks begun to look slightly hollow? If you’ve lost facial volume in your cheeks, you may feel like your options are limited for replacing the youthful volume you once enjoyed. However, for those patients who are not interested in surgery but would like to replace their lost facial volume – Radiesse offers a great solution.

Radiesse is a dermal filler product that works by building up lost volume once injected into your cheeks. Radiesse uses substances naturally found within your body to stimulate the growth of collagen within your cheeks and other areas of the face. This will smooth out wrinkles, fill in your cheeks and give you a natural-looking, youthful glow.

Models - 36Many patients love Radiesse because it offers long-lasting results. It is also non-allergenic meaning your risk for allergic reaction is very low. Radiesse will continue to improve your appearance for months following treatment, with results lasting over a year.

Radiesse can be performed in under an hour, during a quick visit to our office. There is also no downtime associated with Radiesse.

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