Look Younger with Juvederm Voluma

facial-implantsHas gravity started to take its toll on the delicate skin of your face? This is more and more common as we grow older – and often our cheeks and mid-face area are the first to fall victim to time and gravity. If the skin on your cheeks has started to sag or droop, look no further than Germantown Aesthetics for beautiful, non-surgical solutions to your lost facial volume.

Germantown Aesthetics is happy to recommend Juvederm Voluma for the replacement of lost facial volume, as well as for the repair of lines and wrinkles. Voluma is a dermal filler made of a hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body, which makes it highly effective at offering naturally beautiful results.

Voluma works by filling in the pockets of skin where volume has been lost over the years. The acid used in the injection also stimulates the grown of collagen which helps your results improve gradually over time and last longer than other dermal fillers.

Juvederm Voluma is not permanent but offers results for over a year, with some patients reporting beautiful results for 18 months.

Reverse the signs of aging on your face, contact Germantown Aesthetics for your Juvederm Voluma consultation today.