Look Younger Without Surgery: Jana’s Story

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Jana is a licensed aesthetician and our receptionist. She not only knows how we conduct our services, she also trusts our service.

She recently traded spaces from behind the front desk to the operating room, but not for surgery.

Jana is what we call our “typical” patient. Our typical patients, who are looking for natural improvement in facial appearance, such as Jana was, would be ill served if we were to use surgical intervention. Even if surgeries are needed, we provide newer “minimal incision” technology, but mostly incisions are avoided.

Here is how I helped Jana look younger without surgery.

For natural facial improvement, Jana’s treatment plan included the right combination of short-term and long-term filler and skin care. The majority of her improvement was long-term volume, which is her own tissue, stimulated by FDA-approved Artefill. She is also benefiting from Juvederm and Botox treatments. The “fillers” were placed with a soft-tip cannula, which is a small tube we use for our injectables, to all the areas that required volume. Those areas were her brow, temple depression, under her eyes, cheek, frown area and lips.

She finished out her treatment on Thursday, November 29, which I lead with the assistance of Dr. Laurence and Katie Gresham (PA-C), who both deserve credit for the treatment plan and execution.

The pictures included above were taken the morning after her last treatment. One of the most notable effects is the complete absence of bruising or discoloration following her procedures. Jana was fully able to return to her regular routine without interruption.

It should also be said that this was no overnight procedure; patients have to come in regularly for treatments to achieve this level of success. Germantown Aesthetics has been recognized by peers as being one of the top non-surgical facial aesthetic centers in the country.

Dr. Joe Hernandez is one of the top physicians at Germantown Aesthetics and specializes in laser and injectable facial aesthetics. He has been with Germantown Aesthetics for five years, lending his skills to both surgical and non-surgical procedures. To schedule a consultation or appointment with him today, give us a call today!