Maintaining Vein Health in Between Your Memphis Vein Treatments

Here at our Memphis cosmetic care practice, one of our specialties is treating varicose veins and vein-related problems through sclerotherapy and endovenous laser ablation (EVLA). Although the treatments we prescribed are very effective in improving the appearance of veins, we also encourage our clients to do their part in maintaining vein health in between sessions.

 Below is a quick guide to excellent vein health while in between our Memphis vein treatments.

  • Get moving to avoid blood pooling in your legs. Standing and moving around every 30 minutes could significantly help with leg circulation. How about a 10-minute stroll during your lunch break?

  • Complement your cardio exercises (swimming, jogging) with resistance exercise. Resistance exercise could take in the form of weight lifting or bodyweight exercises. These types of exercises allow your muscles to contact, squeezing the veins to promote circulation. Resistance exercises every 2 to 3 weeks is highly recommended.

  • Consider stretching exercises such as Pilates and Yoga. These exercises help loosen the muscles that has been constricting veins.

  • Consider limiting your intake of foods high in sodium which could retain water and damage veins. Stick with whole food sources, particularly fruits rich in Vitamins C, E and K.

  • Use compression garments regularly, including during exercise.

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