Take Years Off with Laser Skin Resurfacing

shutterstock_232333681Do lines, wrinkles and age spots have you considering professional correction?  These early signs of aging are most commonly found on the delicate skin of the face, neck and hands.  If you have found that topical cosmetic products are not longer effective against your wrinkles and age spots it may be time to move on to more extensive treatment. Laser skin resurfacing is a great solution for patients that seek dramatic improvement that is greater than over the counter treatment, but less extensive than surgery.

Laser skin resurfacing vaporizes the top layer of your epidermis with carbon dioxide treatment. Resurfacing is unique in that it offers great results without the use of needles or incisions. This process eliminates dirt and dead skin cells from the surface. Laser skin resurfacing is more powerful than most other facial rejuvenation procedures and is performed under anesthesia in our office.

Laser skin resurfacing works best on wrinkles, uneven skin tone and even acne scars.  While most successful on fair skinned men and women, resurfacing treatment is also available to patients with darker skin tones.

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