Talking to Your Cosmetic Surgeon About Your Breast Implant Options

Have you thought about breast augmentation with implants for a while now but is still unsure about it? Here at our Memphis cosmetic surgery practice, we understand that it’s quite normal to be apprehensive of the unknown. Thus, we provide with you a quick list of questions to ask concerning breast implants during your initial consultation with us. 

  • Which breast implant type and size suits my current lifestyle?
  • Which breast implants will most likely deliver subtle results? How about if I want some dramatic change?
  • Which size will fit my body frame and chest measurements?
  • What possible risks and complications should I expect following surgery?
  • Do I need to lose/gain weight before the procedure?

Find Out If Breast Augmentation with Implants is For You Today!

The first step to figuring out if you are an ideal candidate for breast implants is through an initial consultation with Dr. Laurence here at Germantown Aesthetics. When it comes to breast augmentation,  our goal at Germantown Aesthetics is to provide the best possible results for each patient using the least invasive approach possible.

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