The Value of Voluma ™

Sometimes staying on the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery means not cutting at all!  Previously, I’ve blogged on the evolution of facial rejuvenation and the ways that Germantown Aesthetics has helped drive that national change.  Here we are at the forefront with Allergan’s recently introduced long-lasting filler – Juvéderm Voluma ™.   Our practice is one the top practice in this region of the country, currently in the top 7% of Allergan accounts, and we have already been approved to be one of the first providers of Voluma ™.

I think it’s important to clarify when I say “leading provider”.  We have administered a significant amount of Juvederm® and Botox® to patients from across the country, thus we are considered a leading provider and expect to do the same with Voluma ™ – but there’s more.  We have also provided training to clinicians from around the country on the best practice techniques to give results that are natural and long-lasting. Our practice has had incredible success in helping patients to achieve a look that is attractive and younger, and at the same time allowing you to look like yourself. Our testimonials tell us that we do just that.  You trust us with your look and that trust is not taken for granted.

So, we welcome the addition of Voluma ™ to our artist’s palette.  We’ve been providing the best of the best in Memphis and Germantown for more than ten years and are proud of the confidence placed in us by countless patients that have experienced remarkable results.

If you have questions about Voluma ™, Juvéderm®, Botox® or any other facet of facial rejuvenation, please contact us to speak with our highly experienced staff.