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Vampire Training Course
with Gregory Laurence, MD, FAAFP, BC ABFM, ABLS


The central focus of the practice of Dr. Gregory Laurence MD, in Germantown,TN (historic community near Memphis, Tennessee) embraces multi modality facial aesthetics. “Even as we have made a name for ourselves among surgical peers on a national level, we still feel that the strength of our practice is the use of multiple nonsurgical modalities to create an excellent facial aesthetic result”, says Dr. Laurence. The concept of adding the Vampire procedures to what was already being performed  at Germantown Aesthetics, was a “no-brainer.” The Vampire techniques themselves are the foundation of regenerative medicine. Even if a practice is proficient at skin resurfacing, volume restoration, and Botox application; the addition of the platelet rich plasma (PRP) Vampire procedures is a game-changer. It is a bonus that these regenerative procedures also have application for hair thinning of the scalp, breast lifting, and sexual health. Dr. Laurence has a sophisticated staff that uses these procedures on a daily basis. The practice has been recognized by the Las Vegas Aesthetic Show as Best Aesthetic Practice and Dr. Laurence is rated by as one of the top 20 cosmetic surgeons in the country. This course will be right for you, whether you have an already established advanced practice, or if you are attempting to build the foundation for a successful aesthetic practice.

As an added bonus, there will be a “lagniappe” (extra) for those that would like to arrive early. Arrive on Wednesday or early in the day on Thursday for a pre-arranged complimentary customized training in Advanced Botox, Advanced Fillers, Testosterone Implants, SpiderwebLifting, and Therapeutic Regenerative Procedures and V-Lase® Procedures. This Lagniappe day is not a part of the Fri/Sat Vampire® certification program, but it is an opportunity for this training experience to be more robust.

Those who should attend other than Licensed injectors are

Medical Assistant
Aesthetic Consultant
Clinical Support

Tips for success: Licensed injectors should strongly consider bringing these additional staff. These administrative or clinical staff will leverage the injector and ensure the rapid success of your program.

Levels are: Provider/Injector, Clinical Support, Administrator

Trainings for Vampire Scalp, Facelift, Facial, O-Shot, Priapus Shot – $9,950.00
Learn the science and the method of the different procedures with live models and how to market to existing and new patients.

“Dr. Gregory Laurence’s medical seminar on the “Vampire Face Lift with PRP” had a unique format. His office, Germantown Aesthetics, tucked in a quaint neighborhood, outside of Memphis in Germantown,TN was the setting of the customized course. An expert cosmetic surgeon, of international recognition, Dr.Laurence’s passion for regenerative medicine, integrating the use of PRP was matchless. The seminars unique components offered academic instruction, with supporting course materials including clinical research. We observed the Vampire Face Lift, administration of PRP in acne scars, the O Shot, P Shot,PRP Breast Lift, along with the dispensing of PRP in the scalp for hair loss. During these 3 days, everyone present was allowed to participate (hands-on) with each patient’s treatment. At the end of the day, your own video was captured to enable you to  market your new PRP skills. Dr. Laurence’s seminar was an unparalleled opportunity!” ~ V.M., RN, Dallas, TX


“I had the pleasure of attending the Vampire lift training at Germantown Aesthetics in Memphis and it was nothing short of spectacular! Dr Laurence is always extremely knowledgeable and gives a lively and entertaining learning experience. I left with a sound and complete understanding of the scientific basis,  the process,  expectations, any potential pitfalls, and expected outcomes. We were able to see patients who had prior treatments who were in  for additional treatments, and their results certainly exceeded my expectations!  Phenomenal training Dr Laurence! Thank you and your amazing staff!!!” ~ C.R., MD


“I recently attended the vampire workshop hosted by Dr Gregory Laurence. He is a great communicator and technically skilled injector who is able to not only make every patient feel comfortable in a very professional environment but each injector was able to practice techniques and and walk away with marketing knowledge and a professionally produced YouTube video   The dinners were fun and the sharing of aesthetic information was really helpful. So happy i came to this workshop !!! And recommend it to anyone entering the prp market.” ~ Physician, Manhattan, NY

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Trainings for Vampire procedures, O-Shot, Priapus Shot, & More.
Learn the science and the method of the different procedures with live models and how to market to existing and new patients.

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  • Trainings for Vampire Procedures, O-Shot, Priapus Shot, & More. Learn the science and the method of the different Procedures with live models and how to market to existing and new patients.

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