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The Facts About Breast Implant Placement

Many women consider the size and composition of their breast implants prior to visiting our office for a consultation. However, fewer women come to us sure of how they would like their breast implants placed. There are many pros and cons to the placement of breast implants either above or underneath the chest muscle. These […]

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Hormone Replacement for Women

The life cycle of a woman includes many changes both emotionally and physically. Unlike men, many of a woman’s significant life stages also greatly alters her hormonal levels which can lead to other serious health conditions down the road. For women who need assistance managing these changing hormone levels, hormone replacement therapy is available. Hormone […]

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Pinocchio Breast Augmentation & The Future of Breast Augmentation

Thank you for all the great feedback regarding our Pinocchio Breast Augmentation on April Fool’s Day. Innovative breast augmentation, that’s what we are all about at Germantown Aesthetics. The aesthetic industry has come a long way regarding breast augmentation. In the past, inert medical grade materials (like silicone) were injected directly into the breast with […]

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