Eyelid Surgery for a More Youthful Appearance

Your eyes can be one of the most telling features of your face. Your eyes and the area around them can convey happiness, sadness, excitement and even your age. In fact, your eyes may be the one characteristic that makes your face look older than it truly is.

Sagging skin around the eyes, including both the upper and lower eyelids, can cause patients to look tired, older, and in some cases even less kind than they are. Sagging eyelid skin can hide the real you from the rest of the world. Don’t let your drooping eyelids hold you back for another day.

For some patients, sagging skin on the upper eyelids is something that they are born with. However for other patients skin around the eyes can begin to sag due to age and gravity. For sagging of the lower eyelids, gravity is more the culprit than anything.

Germantown Aesthetics is proud to offer eyelid surgery to patients who would like a quick and effective solution to their sagging eye skin. The procedure works by eliminating excess skin from the eyelids – and tightening the muscles around the eye to make them look more youthful and firm.

This procedure can be performed in our office, in less than an hour. Your incisions are very small and kept to the creases of your eyelids so that they are less visible and in fact disappear over time.

Don’t continue wishing that your true personality could show through your eyes. Consider an eyelid lift to improve the appearance of your sagging eyelids today.