Non-Surgical Facelifts at Germantown Aesthetics

It is a remarkable time for those who want to look younger without surgery.  In fact it is now possible to look dramatically both younger and more natural without incisions!  The current reality of cosmetic surgery in Memphis is even more exciting because of these natural and remarkable long-lasting wrinkle removers. The latest advance is NOT a new laser or other energy device.  While new skin-tightening “day lifts” still  have  promise, the minimal downtime results are not predictable or dramatic for widespread patient satisfaction.  The new facial aesthetic paradigm is the recognition that aging is characterized more by a DEFLATION than gravity-induced sagging and loose skin.  A natural look is defined by restoring facial volume to the areas that look old, tired, and unpleasant – all resulting from lost volume.  The lost volume is due to a combination of bone loss, thinning skin, and displaced fat pads. The common areas that require restoration are the under-eye hollows and dark circles, deflated cheeks, the down-turned smile, and deflated full lips.  Although many aesthetic providers have recognized the new reality of facial restoration, few are offering solutions that do not require annual repeat treatments.

While there are many board certified plastic surgeons in Memphis, less than 1% of cosmetic surgeons and licensed facial aesthetic practitioners can deliver a long lasting wrinkle removing result.  This has all been made possible by the experience we at Germantown Aesthetics have gained over the last five years using a variety of new dermal fillers for anti-aging.  Using small introduction devises and soft-tip mini cannulas, we can comfortably correct volume loss, the main cause of aging, with a “downtime” of only hours to days.  In particular, two of these FDA-approved new long-term anti-aging fillers are allowing a volume correction that lasts more than ten years.  Although new mini-surgical procedures and new energy  devices that are used in what is sometimes called “day facelift” or just “day lift” have a role in natural facial enhancement, many patients ONLY need volume replacement, and in all cases volume correction is the first and most important consideration.

It’s no longer your “mama’s face lift”!  It’s non-surgical natural, it’s convenient, and it’s long lasting.


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