Pinocchio Breast Augmentation & The Future of Breast Augmentation

Thank you for all the great feedback regarding our Pinocchio Breast Augmentation on April Fool’s Day.

Innovative breast augmentation, that’s what we are all about at Germantown Aesthetics. The aesthetic industry has come a long way regarding breast augmentation. In the past, inert medical grade materials (like silicone) were injected directly into the breast with mixed results. At one point spools of sterile string were unwound and placed into the breast in order to increase breast volume. The modern-day implant is composed of a shell which is filled with either a saline solution or a silicone-like material. Over time we’ve learned a lot about the effectiveness and safety of different approaches.

The concept for the Pinocchio Breast Augmentation is the idea that the breast implants are dynamic. Something many people don’t realize is that fluid goes in and out of the implant, and the reason we put saline (salt water) in the implant is so that fluid will continue to be drawn into the implant.

Myself and some colleagues across the country have, in a really thoughtful way, projected the future of what breast augmentation might look like and how we might have a real effect on the lives of women, by using other approaches to breast augmentation. For the future I have envisioned a colloid molecule dissolved in the saline implant that divides slowly over time. This division increases the osmotic pressure gradient, resulting in the influx of water. This slowly expanding implant would allow a more gradual increase in cup size. I have dubbed this procedure the Pinocchio breast augmentation.


In the traditional sense of breast augmentation, patients would choose either saline or silicone gel implants and sometimes would have the shock of a bust line that might be two cup sizes larger after surgery.  In the future, our reality may be to have the ability to give a patient only a single cup size increase, then allow the bust line to grow by a cup size or two over time. Instead of surprising everybody with an “all of a sudden” large bust line, our concept would be that the patient could have a dynamic situation where we could control the growth of the implant. We have envisioned the possibility of being able to slightly augment a patient, then provide a controlled slow increase in bust size over a one to two year period.

The ultimate breast augmentation will be a result of the placement of stem cells.  Currently we have the ability to harvest this tissue from the patient’s own fatty compartments (abdomen, thigh, arms).  This technique requires several tissue transfers in order to result in an increase of 2 cups sizes.  In the future we will not have to harvest the tissue from one area of the body. We will be able to order the stem cells from a bank. It still may require multiple treatments, but it will be much simpler when the harvesting and processing of the tissue is not needed.

We are going to continue to think about innovations like these and, just like the Cinderella temporary 24 hour breast augmentation, we are going to have some other concepts which will allow patients to control the size of their bust line with certain manipulations, without having to have another surgery.