Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation in Memphis and Germantown

Dr. Laurence is one of the most awarded breast augmentation doctors in the area and the only doctor in the area who regularly performs all approaches.  Our goal at Germantown Aesthetics is to provide the best possible results for each patient using the least invasive approach possible.

Breast Augmentation Approaches:

  • Transumbilical – Dr. Laurence was the first surgeon in the Memphis area to do a transumbilical breast augmentation (TUBA), in which the implants are inserted through the patient’s belly button, leaving the patient with fantastic results and virtually no scar! Implants are inserted through a single small incision hidden in the belly button with the resulting scar being virtually invisible. This type of procedure can only be performed with saline implants.
  • Transaxillary – Using this method, a small incision is made at the normal crease in each underarm. Gel or saline implants can be used and the resulting scars are small and inconspicuous.
  • Areolar – Incisions are made around or inside the areola of each breast, and the implants are introduced through this location. Gel or saline implants can be implanted. Some scarring is expected with this procedure, however, our surgical team attempts to minimize scarring as much as possible.
  • Inframammary – An incision is made beneath each breast in the fold under the breast and the implants are introduced through these incisions. The scars are hidden beneath the normal position of the breasts, and we use a special four-step technique to ensure a thin, small scar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How visible will my scar be?
Each approach involves a different amount of potential scarring, but we make every effort to minimize the scar itself and the visibility of it. Using the transumbilical approach, there is virtually no scar visible because the implants are placed through the belly button. When implants are inserted through the underarm using the transaxillary approach, the scar will only be visible when your arms are lifted, and for most it is extremely thin and difficult to see.

How do I know which type of implant and surgical approach is right for me?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Laurence will discuss with you your current breast size and tissue type, your desired size, and your body type and proportions. He will determine which type of implant and surgical approach is best for you and discuss your options to help you make an informed decision.
How soon can I return to work after my breast augmentation?
This greatly depends on what type of work you do and how you respond to surgery, as every patient is different. Most of our patients are able to return to work within days.

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